Weird Video layout in Expo32/33

After upgrading from SDK 32 I have a very strange layout issue that only happens in the APK. I’m showing a video and it overflows the screen in the APK but not when running from expo. I’ve tried a variety of changes to my styles but it takes 10 minutes to iterate since it is only happening in the APK. I can’t even think of where to start to debug, any ideas?

Not only is the video zoomed in but it pushes the video info & breathing animation down and out of frame. When I draw a border around it I see the border around the top and sides but not the bottom.

I’m suspicious it has to do with orientation lock - and maybe some race condition that is achieved in APK - the app is locked to portrait until you select a video then it locks landscape. I’ve tried to make this happen at different times but I haven’t solved it yet. If you have any ideas, I’d love to try them!

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Looking at this today, I probably need to make an MCVE… Maybe I’ll find a way to get the layout I’m after without so much going on.

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Hey @dansss
+1 I think, I’ve run into the same issue. On Android video is zoomed, I can see it only in a standalone app (apk). When previewing on expo client video size is normal, as expected.

The fact, that video bug is present only in APK makes it hard to debug.

@dansss Hi!
Did you manage to find a solution to this issue?

No, I did not find a solution. I can stay on Expo 32 for now but I hope this gets fixed.

Hey @dansss.
I found out that it is expo bug in SDK 33, caused by splash screen image on Android.
You can get rid of it, if you remove splash screen image property in app.json (workaround)

Also, this will be fixed in expo SDK35, that is going to be released before the end of 2019

More info is in this issue:

Interesting, I tried updating to Expo 35.0.0 (published this week) but that didn’t help, I like having a splash image but maybe I can try using a much smaller image for now.

Ok, the only thing that seems to work is removing the splash screen entirely. Not ideal, I hope this gets fixed soon. Thanks for your help!

Check this out also:
Fresh solution :slight_smile:

Good luck, man :wave:

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Yes! That totally worked - android.splash.resizeMode = “native”

Thanks for letting me know about that solution!

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