After update from SDK 40 to 42 SQLite works unexpectedly

Hello everyone!
Please could you help me with this issure:

  1. SDK Version: 42
  2. Platform: Android
  3. SQLite

This code worked exellent with Expo SDK 40, but in the new version 42 it works very strange: both functions (on success and in error) run in turn.

    componentDidMount() {

        db.transaction(tx => {
                "create table if not exists items ...", //there is more code here
                console.log("table items created"),
                console.log("table items is not OK")

There is screenshot of command line:

Who know why it’s happend and how can I do to fix it?

Excuse me! It was a mistake. I must to use a callback-function, it mean what I missed this: () =>. The mashine does that we say it :hugs:

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