Admob is not showing ads on real device after build

Hi guys, I added admob to my project everything works fine on expo client but for some reason ads don’t display after build.

Any idea to fix this?


I’m having the same problem… Only test ads are showing after build. During development my own ads do show up so they should work.


Any luck so far??

I’m having this exact same issue.

I have the same!
Any ideas?

Guys, did anybody fixed this issue? Or any workarounds?

Hi everyone, I’m looking into this!

Is this happening on iOS, Android, or both? And is it the same for everyone that it’s working in the Expo Client, but as a standalone app the issue surfaces?

Edit: Also- ensure your adUnitID is correct. And go to the AdMob dashboard and ensure ads are active

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Haven’t tested it on iOS yet, but on Android everything works when using expo client App.

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I had this issue, I had to wait 1-2 days for admob to start serving the real ads to the build. They would appear in a preview, but it takes a couple days before the ads are enabled for a full build. Not sure the specifics of why.

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Yeah, that seems to be a regular thing according to this post

Thanks for letting us know @nicholmikey :slight_smile:

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