Add Firebase SDK Analytics - GoogleService-Info.plist IOS

  1. SDK Version: 34
  2. Platform: IOS

I really need to add the GoogleService-Info.plist for firebase anaytics.

It works great with this code in app.json for android:

"android": {
      "icon": "./icon-android.png",
      "versionCode": 32,
      "package": "com.****.**********",
      "googleServicesFile": "./google-services.json"

I tried with this code for ios:

"ios": {
      "bundleIdentifier": "com.****.*********",
      "icon": "./icon-ios.png",
      "buildNumber": "32",
*      "config": {
        "googleSignIn": {
          "reservedClientId": "com.googleusercontent.apps.**********-******************"

But it does not work
I don’t find any information for IOS.

Do you have a solution please?

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I have not tried this myself, but as per this comment on GitHub from one of the Expo team members, I think there should also be an ios.googleServicesFile. I believe the app,json docs are out of date, since they do not mention this option. @wkozyra, can you confirm?

wkozyra95 commented on Aug 24

add field ios.googleServicesFile to app.json (this requires latest cli)

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Ok with the path to google-services.json or GoogleService-Info.plist?

ios.googleServicesFile would have to point to the plist file as far as I know.

Anyone know for sure? I submitted an update to my app with it pointing to the .json file and still didn’t get any Firebase analytics for iOS to show up. Android works. Will try again pointing to the .plist file.

Thank you very much, it works very well by pointing to plist.


Thanks for confirming.

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