Firebase stopped working for Android/iOS. (works only for Expo client)

  1. SDK Version: SDK 37
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android + iOS

Hi everyone.
I’m struggling with Firebase analytics in Expo/SDK37/Managed.
I had everything working fine, with events triggered for expo client, and for actual android and iOS users of my alpha version. When I launched a beta, I wanted to start sending these events to a different Google Analytics property, so I did the following:

  1. unlinked the Firebase “alpha” project from Google Analytics
  2. removed the apps from that “alpha” project.
  3. opened a new Firebase “beta” project.
  4. registered the apps in the new project: web (for expo client), android, and ios. (and replaced the plist/json configuration files with the new ones, and the web:config:firebase:{…})

As of that moment, I’m getting 0 events from the android and ios apps.
The expo client sends events well, and the emulator/simulator also send events well.
A few days passed, and nothing is being reported from the android and ios apps.

I asked Firebase support for help, but when they realized I’m using Expo they said they can’t help much. Since then I tried again to delete all Firebase projects, start a new Firebase project, register the apps etc. But the situation hasn’t changed: Expo client triggers events, but the actual ios and android apps do not.

This is extremely frustrating.
Any idea what’s going on?


I figured it out. It looks like when expo publishes OTA updates to production it does not update new versions of the Google Services files. Therefore, if you update your Firebase keys (e.g. add a new Firebase project) and new google services plist/json files are generated by Firebase, one should rebuild a standalone version and upload it to the app store in order for the new json/plist files to take effect.

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