Will expo OTA break older version?

I know that even after the ejection, I can still OTA the latest js bundles.

However, I’m not sure about this situation:

Version 1.0: Version 1.0 doesn’t involve native Android Mixpush but was already ejected. I published it and released it to the users.

Version 1.1: In this version, I integrated Andoird Mixpush, which involves changes to native modules as well as the JS bundle. Some JS code is depending on the changes in the native modules of V1.1.

My question is: if I do “expo publish” for version 1.1, will this break the users who have downloaded version 1.0? If so, what’s the best practice here to avoid this?

Yes, for an ejected app this would break old builds, you can create new release channel for every release with changes in native code

Ah so channel is the answer for avoid breaking the old version. So if i publish V1.1 in a different channel than V1.0, then users who own V1.0 and haven’t downloaded the new app from appstore will not be fetching the lastest js hence their app will not be broken. Is that right? Thanks a lot!

Yes, that is correct.

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