Why is it that there are a lot of complications building with eas after development

I have been moving from one debugging session to another while trying to build and the app runs well,

Please if you have solution to any of the following please kindly assist,Thanks

For the second one I have Deleted the node modules folder,npm Install,npm cache clean, Expo doctor --fix dependencies,Yet not working

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Hi @akintunji,

Can you share your build link where you are getting these errors?
For the second, if your list of dependencies contains legacy peer dependencies (since latest npm version is more strict with it), I’d suggest creating a file called .npmrc at the root of your project with: legacy-peer-deps=true and then re-run the build.

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@amanhimself ,
Build Details — 5964e72f-9055-4d10-87fb-0040489e7345 — sweetapp — Expo,
Log In — Expo
I have tried (legacy-peer-deps=true) for the second one it didn’t work too.

It seems there is an error for referencing the icon2.png from the assets folder in your project when you are requiring it on the Image component. Either the path to the image file or the file name is not correct. I’d suggest fixing that.

I have fix that, Still getting error

Hi @akintunji

Can you post the relevant sections from the latest build logs here as text? I am not an Expo team member, so I can’t see your build page on expo.dev.

@amanhimself please this app is crashing please help check it up
Build ID 0bf38dcb-e70d-4f01-8f4e-b4ead8528042