When trying to make a Apk, this error is coming. I am already Login.

F:\Testing-app> eas build:configure
Entity not authorized: AccountEntity[cdeab602-d5fb-4bba-8355-4ed396ec8305] (viewer = RegularUserViewerContext[d0b830ff-6107-4019-8d91-57ecfb56b323], action = READ, ruleIndex = -1)
Error: GraphQL request failed.eIndex = -1)

And I am login. Yet this is coming.

Hi @anmolcodezz

I suspect you’re trying to build an app where the app’s projectId belongs to a different user or something like that.

Is this your own app or does it belong to an organisation that you are a member of?
Do you have an “owner” specified in app.json? If this app belongs to an organisation that you are a member of, then you need to specify “owner” as the organisation’s username.