When making bare work flow release build the app is stuck on launch screen

Im lost, and trying to build a release build via xcode for store upload. however when i try to test the release build in simulator the App hangs on the launch screen. this issue does not happen when you run it through debug build. why is this? and can we just disable the launch screen ?

Have you run expo publish before building your release build? What does your Expo.plist file look like?

Hi charlie,
I believe i have, just quick follow up question do i have to set up exo-updates for expo publish to work in the first place ? . in addition i upgraded from sdk 32 and i can see that in xcode it is expecting app-manifest and app.bundle instead of shell-app-manifest and shell-app.bundle listed in my app.json.I will check the Expo.plist file


In the bare workflow, yes, you need to set up expo-updates (or initialize a new project which already has them configured :smile:)

There are quite a few changes from SDK 32- you may want to try upgrading one SDK at a time, or initializing a new bare project and copying your app over piece by piece

Here is my Expo.list
EXUpdatesReleaseChannel: bare-ios
EXUpdatesSDKVersion: 37.0.0
EXUpdatesURL : https://exp.host/@hugomyc/myco-action-plan

Ive updated to sdk 33 manually first and tried the expo update command to move to 37, i guess it dosent have all the required steps applied. Thanks i will start with that first