* What went wrong: [stderr] Execution failed for task ':app:mergeReleaseResources'. [stderr] > A failure occurred while executing com.android.build.gradle.internal.res.ResourceCompilerRunnable [stderr] > Resource compilation failed (Failed to compil

using expo-cli 6.3.2 .using expo .when i build it gives the below error

but i dint know where to find the xml file as its not available in my directory.kindly resolve this issue

hello! please refer to Troubleshooting build errors and crashes - Expo Documentation

i tried but couldnt find anything . it logs error in a fil that doesnt exist in my directory as im using managed workflow

Please check further up in the logs for where it first mentions “> Task: something FAIL” and include the error messages from after that.

You are presumably using the managed workflow (there is no android directory in your app). When you build a managed app, the android directory is generated on the build server and this is modified by any config plugins you have specified in the plugins section in app.json (along with some other opens in app.json.) So it I were to guess, you might have something wrong in app.json that is causing this error. But hopefully if you post the error messages I mentioned above we will have a better idea of what is wrong.

unfortunately there is no such error that says failure . i see warnings logged though

My app.json file

The Logs

Can you copy the text (not screenshots) of the whole gradlew log and put it somewhere that I can download it from?

Then also please paste the text of your app.json into a comment. It’s hard to work with screenshots.