What data is retained in Expo/React Native when you "swipe up" the app on iOS?

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 47
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): iOS


I have a weird problem on a TestFlight build where the flow does not match Expo Go.

So in my use case I have an app that would do some things on initial state. There’s a useState("INITIAL") in one of the top level contexts already.

On Expo Go when I reload or swipe-up to close and load the app again it works as expected. But that’s likely because it would ask me which app to load again.

On TestFlight that’s not really an option because it’s one app.

So to get back to my question, is there any data that is retained and restored when you do a swipe up to close on the app and restore it?

FYT: It also works as expected on Android, this is iOS specific

What data is retained in Expo/React Native when you “swipe up” the app on iOS? - Stack Overflow

Did a bit more research, it seems to retain and invoke the event handler for AppState since it starts by setting my app state to “BACKGROUNDED” just looking into this maybe I have to make sure that event handler is not set or at least be blocked.

It’s likely in this code

where I set the subscription. I set the app state here which is fired prior to the other effects when the app gets restored.

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