Webhook verification

Does anyone have a python example for verifying the expo build webhook. Here is what I have so far, it is unclear to me if I need to do anything to the request body for the hash.

     data = request.json
     signature_from_header = request.headers.get(EXPO_AUTH_HEADER.lower()None)
     digest = hmac.new(bytes(EXPO_SIGNING_SECRET, 'UTF-8'), data, 
    computed_hmac = base64.b64encode(digest)
    hmac.compare_digest(computed_hmac, hmac_header.encode("utf-8"))

I don't get the point of having incomplete docs...

For anyone else looking to use python:

def verify_webhook(data, hmac_header):
    # Calculate HMAC
    digest = hmac.new(bytes(EXPO_SIGNING_SECRET, 'UTF-8'), data, digestmod=hashlib.sha1).hexdigest()
    return hmac.compare_digest(f'sha1={digest}'.encode('utf-8'), hmac_header.encode("utf-8"))

The request body should be a bytes type array as should the final digest!