Using GLView with Three and Camera Background without AR

I am building an AR Project in Android and am hoping to do so on top of Expo. In reviewing the docs I saw that the AR view connects the camera with the view coordinates. Since I am on Android, I know it will not be possible to use the AR view but I am wondering if I could link the camera and the GLView and use the GLView to draw objects over coordinates of a synchronized underlying camera view.

The basic question is…is it feasible/possible to approximate the AR view using the camera and GLView. Functionally it would be the same as the AR view but without ARKit powering the anchors.

It’s possible to use the camera as a GL texture, but not to do the second part. @barthec is working on making AR on Android possible right now, you should probably wait until that is released.

@bacon Thanks for the quick reply! Let me know if I can be useful in this effort. I think we will have to go native in the mean time :frowning: but would love to reimplement in RN+Expo when the ARCore binding is ready.

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