Using a component in my Expo web project in another app

I really want to eventually move our whole existing web app over to Expo for web, but it’s a big ol’ AngularJS app and that’ll take a looooong time. For now, what I’d really like to do is use a single screen from my Expo app in our web app. I know how to wrap React components to get them into Angular and all that. What I’m struggling with is how to change the webpack build of the Expo app so that I can get something that will let me import a component into my other app.

I know I need to do change webpack.config.js (so start with expo customize:web to get the file and then go from there). I think I’d have to change some combination of the entry and output props in the webpack config, but after that, I don’t know. If it would work as an ES6-style import, that’d be great, but I’d be totally happy with something that exports the component to a global object on window.

Any ideas?


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