Use Facebook URL scheme suffix

SDK Version: 44
Platform: iOS

I have multiple apps that use the same facebook app id for logging in. Everything works fine, unless you have more than one of those apps installed.

When you have multiple apps installed, it’s possible that when you use facebook login, that facebook redirects you to the wrong app.

  • So you do a facebook login on app A
  • App A opens facebook and you log in
  • after login, facebook opens app B

This should be possible to solve by using a URL scheme suffix. I’ve added suffixes in the facebook app settings, but I don’t know what I have to do on the app side. I tried adding the suffix to the facebookScheme in app.json, but then I get an error when trying to log in with facebook (Error: fb123456789012345 is not registered as a URL scheme. Please add it in your Info.plist).

I thought just adding the suffix to the scheme would solve it, because of this (very old) GitHub issue that I found: Add support for FacebookUrlSchemeSuffix in facebook login · Issue #2542 · expo/expo · GitHub

Hopefully someone can help me with this.

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