Usage of expo config plug-ins

Sdk version: Expo sdk 43
Platforms: Android/iOS/web
Template: Bare workflow

Hello devs, I hope you are well. I’m stilling confused to the config plug-in usage (bare workflow). I read the config plug-in guides in the doc.

For example in the expo notification or react native voice installation there are :

  • manual configuration for Android / iOS
  • config plug-ins (optional)

Is it possible to skip manual config and use config plug-ins directly in bare workflow instead ?

Hello, I didn’t have any feedback but after reading this: fyi/ at master · expo/fyi · GitHub
It is clear that we cannot use prebuild (expo config plug-ins) in bare workflow despite of having ios and android folder in bare workflow.

We have 3 workflows and it’s confusing :

  • manage (expo go),
  • custom dev client (expo prebuild),
  • bare (react native and expo sdk).

I’ll be good to be able to use config plug-ins in bare to reduce many manual configuration and also use app.json for build config using EAS :slightly_smiling_face:.