Tutorial: Handling platform differences not working

Hello together,
at the moment I am working through the tutorials of Expo.
Now I am stuck on the named tutorial. (see topic)

After finishing the part “A workaround for sharing on web” the app is working in android further like charm. But its not working in the web… After choosing an image there happens nothing.
=> the choosen image is not visualized
=> the share button is not visualized
=> no alarm message box appears
=> no error message can be found in the terminal

I tested it with chrome and with firefox.
You can reproduce it with the provided snack of the tutorial.

What could be my problem?

Thank you!

thanks for pointing this out! it looks like the service we were using for uploading files has gone offline, and so that is why you are seeing this issue. we’ll update the tutorial accordingly

Thank you for your fast reply!
I would like to mention, that in the tutorial “Sharing the image” the alert

alert(`Uh oh, sharing isn't available on your platform`);

is not working too…

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