Transaction.executeSql blocks the app's flow

I have an SQLite database with a table contains about 50,000 records. Every time I select all records in that table by using this query SELECT id FROM table, the app has to wait for executeSql to be complete and I can’t interact with the app at that time. However, in the document, executeSql is an async function. So I want to ask about how can this be possible? Is it because SQLite can’t handle that many records?

Hey @concua123,

Where in the documentation does it indicate executeSql is an async function?



Hi @adamjnav

Sorry, I didn’t mean that executeSql is a JS async function. But executeSql run asynchronously because I see 2 callback functions.

Rechecked the document, it doesn’t say the executeSql run asynchronously. So sorry for my wrong assumption :frowning:

OK I’ve figured out how to resolve this problem.

Instead of query a whole list at one time. Ex: SELECT * FROM tableName.
I select the records with LIMIT offset, limit statement to reduce the list’s size.

No apologies necessary! Glad you got it working!

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