Tradeoffs of Letting Expo handle the credentials? exp build:ios

When building the IOS app the following question is asked:

How would you like to upload your credentials?

What are the tradeoffs of choosing for?

Expo handles all credentials, you can still provide overrides

And what will Expo exactly do after choosing for this option?

Hey @rizzoy

To me it doesn’t feel like a trade off question, but it feels like a question about preference.

Our recommendation is:

We ask you if you’d like us to handle your distribution certificate or use your own. Similar to the Android keystore, if you don’t know what a distribution certificate is, just let us handle it for you.

With this note.

The Expo build service supports both normal App Store distribution as well as enterprise distribution. To use the latter, you must be a member of the “Apple Developer Enterprise Program”. Only normal Apple developer accounts can build apps that can be submitted to the Apple App Store, and only enterprise developer accounts can build apps that can be distributed using enterprise distribution methods. When you call exp build:ios, use the --apple-enterprise-account flag. At this time, the standalone app builder does not support “ad hoc” distribution certificates or provisioning profiles.

How this works?

Assuming you’ve read the documentation:

  • we make a request from the client to get credentials from apple/google
  • apple/google generate the credentials, send them back
  • we send them up with your project to expo servers.

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