Toggle Hot Reloading

When working with Snacks, is there any way to temporarily disable live-reloading, or to toggle it on/off?

Not yet, but we know the live reloading is a bit aggressive, especially on larger projects. What are you working on?

I can definitely see how live reloading would be aggressive for bigger projects as well.

In this case - which is perhaps not the use case Snack is designed for - just including API calls to external services results in the app hitting those endpoints numerous times in the span of seconds. So the ability to disable live reloading while at least getting those calls set up would be very helpful, and ease the strain on the external services (and my rate limits :slight_smile:). Or perhaps there is a convention around this issue that I’ve missed…

For cases where you need to set a lot of things up, you may want to set those API calls up before you connect a device. You can also control this behavior more granularly if you work with exp or XDE to build your app.

Great. I do think setting up the calls before connecting the device is a good strategy. I appreciate the advice :+1:

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