Text editors and notes

Does anyone have experience on best practices for creating, saving, and displaying user written notes?

Would we be doing something like using a text edit framework that generates html to represent the note (to capture basic formatting, bold, newline, italic, heading etc.), then saving the html in the db as a string, then rendering from the html string somehow? Or generating md files?

I am concerned because expo of course doesnt use html but rather etc, but I need to render basically all the formatting supported by md. (I also need to be able to convert the add the content into a pdf as well.)

I am sure this is a common use case and there are tools available, but I havnt found any clear solutions and am not familiar with building a text editor to support this wide a range of formatting.

There is this:

But I’m not sure iff it works with expo.

I see that there is quilljs, but I can’t tell if it has great support for react native.