TaskManager throws error when checking if defined task has been started

Trying to use the Geofencing features of Location, and though I can run

TaskManager.defineTask( taskName, response)

and calling

Location.startGoefencingAsync( taskName, regions)

will start the task, and hasStartedGeofencing returns true.
If I call


before starting it I get an error

'Task taskName not found for app ID myAppId

I don’t know if this is expected behaviour, or if this is a bug, or maybe I’m potentially using the HasStartedFunctionality incorrectly. It’s pretty straightforward to replicate using expo version 2.13.0

TaskManager.defineTask( 'task0', ({ data, error}) =>  {
    // do work  
Location.hasStartedGeofencingAsync('task0'); // will error

I solved my own issue, for some reason the error stopped occurring when i use

await Location.hasStartedGeofencingAsync('taskName');