Support for Amplitude regenerateDeviceId function

I’ve been integrating Amplitude into our Expo app and I’ve run into a bit of an issue when tracking Amplitude analytics of multiple users on the same device. The Amplitude docs recommend that when a user logs out you call setUserId(null) and regenerateDeviceId so that the next user will not be associated with the old user, but the regenerateDeviceId function is not supported by the Amplitude wrapper in Expo even though it is available in Amplitude’s Android and iOS SDKs. The expo/expo repo looks like it’s trying to log out users by calling clearUserProperties, but that clears all properties from the current user instead of resetting what the current user is.

Amplitude makes a copy of all current user attributes against each new event that is triggered, so all the reporting looks fine, but without the ability to call regenerateDeviceId it means that a user’s event stream will look wrong and user properties of one user will be set against a different user.

Are there any plans to support regenerateDeviceId? Should I submit this as a GitHub issue or feature request instead?

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