stop build

how to stop build because previous app are creat problem ?

You should be able to go to the build dashboard ([YOUR_BUILD_ID]) or if you go to[YOUR-USERNAME]/[YOUR-APP-NAME]/builds, it should show up. Then you can cancel from there!

but how to stop this build?

but how to stop this build? or rollback this app
because I made 4 to 5 app for test purpose but my wordpress(wilcity) theme is not showing admob ad on multiple application
help me

You can stop the build by going to either of the URLs above, and cancelling

cancelling is not working what can i do

Looks like the build already completed. If you want, I can delete the build!

yes you can delete all builds

but why iam not delete this build ?

Letting users delete builds isn’t a feature we have (yet, hopefully we will soon :smile:)

Can you provide the IDs of the builds you want deleted?








delete this builds

All deleted @sourabhsrraikwar171 :+1:

thank you so much
now give me 2 more answer
1 All deleted builds application fully stops
because when iam making new app with expo (wilcity theme app) and using admob ads but i think many apps are present with same site google admob ads are not show in this builds
so I think this problem is solved
2 plese update this feature to delete the build from us

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