Static Rendering has no content

SDK Version: 49.0.9
Platform: web
Expo Router Version: 2.0.5

Hi, I’m building a mobile application that should also be a website, and we would like the SEO to be good. I’m trying Static Rendering, but the resulting HTML does not contain the rendering of the component, just a few

tags without content.

Below is an example of a component and the HTML of the rendered path.


import {useLocalSearchParams} from "expo-router";
import {Text} from "react-native";

export default () => {
    const { user } = useLocalSearchParams();

    return <>
        <Text>User: {user}</Text>

export async function generateStaticParams(): Promise<Record<string, string>[]> {
    return [
        { user: 'peter' },
        { user: 'john' },


<div id="root">
  <div class="css-175oi2r" style="flex:1">
    <div class="css-175oi2r r-13awgt0"></div>
<script src="/_expo/static/js/web/entry-00afcc889f9913bcacd64134a46793e4.js" defer></script>

Is this the expected behaviour. Is there a way to statically generate a first render of the component with the user’s name in the HTML?

Thank you.