Splash not fitted on multiple types of screens in Expo

hey ,
i want to add one more splash screen for below 1920 * 1020 screen size.
is it possible or not ?

“android”: {
“package”: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“googleServicesFile”: “./google-services.json”,
“icon”: “./assets/icons/icon.png”,
“permissions”: [
“splash”: {
“resizeMode”: “cover”,
“ldpi”: “./assets/icons/loading_android.png”,
“mdpi”: “./assets/icons/loading_android.png”,
“hdpi”: “./assets/icons/loading_android.png”,
“xhdpi”: “./assets/icons/loading_android.png”,
“xxhdpi”: “./assets/icons/loading_android.png”,
“xxxhdpi”: “./assets/icons/loading_android.png”,
“backgroundColor”: “#8EBDB3

Any update ?

Any update ?

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