snapshot tests not showing child components


We are in the process of upgrading our app from Expo SDK 27 to SDK 30 and we noticed that when we run snapshot tests now, the snapshot is not as complete in SDK 30.

For example, we have a page with a Picker component and in old snapshot, the picker and its items were included. With the SDK upgrade, the snapshot does not include the Picker or any of its items. I should note, there have been no code changes…just upgrades to packages.

Package upgrades:
expo: 27.1.1 → 30.0.1(and the related react-native tar.gz upgrade)
jest-expo: 27.1.1 → 30.0.0
babel-core: 6.26.0 → 7.0.0-bridge.0
babel-jest: 23.0.1 → 23.6.0

Does anyone know of a change that would cause this?

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