Skip the "Hello there" Onboarding screen/pop-up in the Dev Client

Hello there!

I’m attempting to disable the onboarding screen in the Dev Client but am having no luck. I’ve appended disableOnboarding=1 to the URL, as the docs say, but this still shows the screen.

I got this from here: Running E2E tests on EAS Build - Expo Documentation

I’ve also tried other methods such as setting launch arguments when starting the app itself, but that doesn’t seem to have worked either.
This is what else I’ve tried: Prevent initial "Hello there" popup - #3 by notbrent

The URL I’m using when launching through the dev client is:

(I’ve edited out private info and replaced things with myapp because it’s a clients app)

I’m struggling to find out what’s going wrong. Thanks for any help.

Hy there i can see your post and i must say

  1. ook for a “Skip” or “Dismiss” Button: Many onboarding screens or pop-ups have a “Skip” or “Dismiss” button that allows users to bypass the introduction and proceed directly to the main interface. Look for any visible buttons or links on the screen that might provide this option.
  2. Check the Settings or Preferences: Some applications have settings or preferences that allow users to control the onboarding experience. Check the application’s settings or preferences menu to see if there is an option to disable the onboarding screen.
  3. Inspect the URL or Web Address: If the Dev Client is a web-based application, the “Hello there” onboarding screen might be part of the URL or web address. Try removing any query parameters or fragments from the URL to see if it takes you directly to the main interface.
  4. Check for Cookies or Local Storage: Some applications use cookies or local storage to remember user preferences. Clearing cookies or local storage associated with the application might reset the onboarding screen and allow you to skip it.

Thanks and regards