Show ios notifications in foreground

Here -

It says:

For iOS, if you do not set notification.iosDisplayInForeground (in your app.json ) or _displayInForeground (in your push message) to true

So I did this in my app.json -

"notification": {
  "iosDisplayInForeground": true

However its not doing the trick. I also on startup of expo I get this error:

• Field: notification - should NOT have additional property ‘iosDisplayInForeground’.

I don’t see on the app.json docs anything called iosDisplayInForeground - - Is it missing in the docs?

Not sure about the documentation; but the way I handle notifications in iOS if the app is foreground is I display in an Alert modal.

The property iosDisplayInForeground isnt working since v33. Hopefully looking forward to sdk35. For now i do the same as fanofskynyrd and catch the notifications into an alert window. Alternativly you can try react-native-dropdownalert which is working too. But you have to know, you have to use the data attribute to receive and show the data.

{ "title" : "mytitle",
  "body" : "mybody",
 "data" : {
    "title" : "this title u can use",
    "body" : "this body u can use in your alert"
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Thank you!

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