Should I install expo locally or globally? Same with RN?

Hello. I used to use expo but a long time ago, and don’t recall if I should install it locally or globally, the docs say that globally, but I remember someone experienced saying that no - I should install everything locally, per project.

Hi @konrados, the “expo” dependency should be installed locally at your project, the dependency “expo-cli” should be installed globally. expo-cli provides the expo command on your bash, expo dependency provides the “framework” expo to your react native app.

But, if you are staring a new project you should:

yarn global add expo-cli
expo init
--------- or ---------
npm install -g expo-cli
expo init

after, see the result package.json to see all default dependencies.
See More: Create a new app - Expo Documentation

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Thanks! Let me try :slight_smile:

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