Shaking doesn't show the menu on Android any more

Yesterday this was all working fine, but now when I load the app on my phone, shaking doesn’t bring up the menu where I can reload the app etc. And the app doesn’t update automatically when I change the code, so I’m stuck.

It does work on my iOS device.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

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try making sure development mode is enabled:

if it is, it’s hard to say, you could try re-installing the app. if that doesn’t work then maybe the sensors on your phone aren’t working as expected?


i ran into the same problem using exp start and trying to run on Android. Running from XDE works. How to I we enable development mod when running exp start? FYI, exp start works fine on iOS and seems to go into development mode.

[Update] After running Expo XDE on the project in development mode on Android, exp start now works as expected on Android.