Send email from expo

I want expo to add this feature.

I want to send email directly from expo,

Add it here Feature Requests | Expo

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Yeah – add your request to the site mentioned above.

Also, you can do sort of what you want maybe by doing something like this:

It will open the mail app, though it won’t keep you inside your app while the mail is being sent, it’s close to what you are looking for.

Yeah~ Thanks for reply. I already posted the request mentioned above. However I won’t try “” <===== this one since it violates user experience in my app. I think this is not a good idea.

Hi ccheever! I’ve just tried your suggestion. I was curious if Linking would open mail app like that. Therefore I’ve just tried now and it won’t work. What is a problem?

I’ll paste screenshot below.

try changing mailto:// to mailto:

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I’ve just tried what you told me here but still emits err message.

Any solution for this issue?

Hi. Is there any solution for this issue?

are you trying to do this in the simulator? the mail app might not be on there or might not be setup. Try it on a real device if you are on the simulator?

@dooboolab Hey, no need to touch native layer or request to expo for this.

just use this package →

it can send email, sms, call, even iMessage.

Just finish this only on javascript layer


It is not work on android emulator but works on real phone

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react-native-communications doesn’t allow attachments, anyone found a solution to send emails with attachments?

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