Retrieve file in BLOBs

Hi there!

In our Expo app we’re trying to upload big videos to Cloudinary. For that we need to use their chunked upload call, calling their API directly.

However this call requires the video file to be sent in bytes, and the Expo API for reading the file in parts only allows us to get the file in base64, not in BLOBs.

We could possibly use rn-fetch-blob, but we would have to eject our Expo app from the managed workflow, and we don’t want to do that.

How can we retrieve a file in bytes in Expo in the managed workflow?

Guil from Tablecloth

Hi! I don’t think this is possible just via the Filesystem API, but you might want to take a look at this thread as it contains a lot of questions/answers regarding blob support, as well as a couple people showing their implementations!

@charliecruzan thank you but from I could see in this thread the BLOB files are obtained from external resources. In our case, we record a video using Expo Camera API and we would like to access this video in BLOBs because that’s how Cloudinary requires big videos to be sent. Would you know any way I can achieve that?

I don’t believe Expo provides a way to do this client-side :confused:

@charliecruzan are there any alternatives? rn-fetch-blob would require us to eject our Expo app from the managed workflow, which we don’t want to do.


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