Release cycle of Expo

Expo used to have a somewhat reliable release schedule of monthly updates. Will we be returning to this schedule or are we employing a “when it’s done” release schedule as of now?

Also, when is SDK 33 expected to hit?

Hey @n1ghtly,

We chose to lengthen our release cadence to provide more stability and time for developers and businesses before they had to worry about SDK version deprecation. We never had a set, concrete cadence though you are correct it used to be roughly 4-5 weeks. Some larger endeavors (new workflows, unimodules, etc) have caused a longer period between releases recently.

As for SDK33, we don’t publicly share intended release dates or targets but I would recommend making sure you are subscribed to our blog Exposition and following the official Expo twitter account as these two platforms are where we make all major announcements.



Thanks for the explanation Adam!

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