Redirect URI with Custom Dev Client

Hi, I’m trying to use a react-native module (react-native-fast-image).

So I built a custom development client. The issue I’m facing is with Authentication.
I’m using Google Authentication from expo-auth-session/providers/google
But when I try to go through the login flow, I get Error 400: redirect_uri_mismatch

So I try to manually set redirectUri using makeRedirectUri({ useProxy: true }).
But then I get the error Error: Cannot use AuthSession proxy because the project ID is not defined. Please ensure you have the latest version of expo-constants installed and rebuild your native app. You can verify that originalFullName is defined by running expo config --type public and inspecting the output.

I check the originialFullName as suggested and it is defined

Am I missing something?

Turns out when I build the custom development client, the build was using production environment variables from Secrets. I fixed that and the issue is solved!

Also if anyone is stuck on the makeRedirectUri error. I added originalFullName and currentFullName to app.json. I got those values from expo config --type public. Then I could use makeRedirectUri in the code

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