Received notifications when iosDisplayInForeground=true

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 35
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): iOS

I’ve noticed that when I turn on iosDisplayInForeground I haven’t get notifications with received origin anymore via Notification.addEventListener when the app is foregrounded. It would be nice to receive those notifications in the event listener as well, e.g. to update in app unread count, etc… The docs does not address this difference, so I’m not sure it’s a bug or an intended feature :slight_smile: ?

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Hey @streambright,

Thanks for pointing this out. We certainly want the Notification Listener to fire when receiving a foreground notification as well. Created a github issue here: Notification Listener doesn't fire with foregrounded iOS notifications · Issue #5842 · expo/expo · GitHub


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Thanks for the quick answer!

Just one more addition: I also noticed that when I press the foregrounded notification, the Notification.addEventListener fires but with received origin. I guess it should be selected.

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