react native reanimated error r.g.__reanimatedWorkletInit is not a function.

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r.g.__reanimatedWorkletInit is not a function
TypeError: r.g.__reanimatedWorkletInit is not a function
at t.Z (@react-navigation/drawer.js:3:92572)
at co ([snack internals]
at nl ([snack internals]
at Zl ([snack internals]
at Xl ([snack internals]
at Kl ([snack internals]
at Ll ([snack internals]
at _a ([snack internals]
at Yl ([snack internals]
at Be (

How to handle that problem

Hi @fitrapradana,

You’ll have to add a polyfill as a workaround on Snack for this. Please detailed information and link to the working snack in this post: Expo Snack a.g.__reanimatedWorkletInit is not a function. - #2 by amanhimself

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after I click login the problem appears, where I have to add it so that this problem can be completed

I’m not sure what do you mean by login. Also, the snack you shared, doesn’t seem to have the file polyfill.ts with the following code (also shared in the example I linked earlier):

// temporary workaround for expo 45 bug:
// fix:
global.__reanimatedWorkletInit = function () {}

export default {}

You’ll have to create it for react-native-reanimated library to work on Snack.

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