React Native Geolocation

I am trying to use react-native-geolocation-service located here: GitHub - Agontuk/react-native-geolocation-service: React native geolocation service for iOS and android

My app is being built in react native Expo with Windows 10. The very first set up steps seem to involve inking a library. It appears as though these need to be done in the native code for ios and android, which I can’t access in Expo. Is there a way to complete these steps without ejecting the project in Expo, which is not sustainable for me?

If not, is there another geolocation option for react native that can work within expo? It seems that every option I follow, including react native community geolocation and autolinking requires ejecting the project. Thank you!

there is not a way to add native libraries outside of the expo sdk without ejecting currently.

you can use this instead: Location - Expo Documentation