React native AR 2D (Tourism App)

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i just started my first mobile application with react native and part of my app is to open the camera and display places with their GPS cords (the seats are stored in the server) and show how much distance between the phone and the place .

my algorithm is:

  1. open the terminal camera
  2. detect terminal location
  3. have direction
  4. calculate the view angle of the camera
  5. testing if a point from the points return from the server enters in view angle(captured by the camer user)

and my problem is that I do not know how or with which sensor to detect the direction of the terminal or how to have the angle view of the camera or how to test if a point in the field of vision

this an example

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seems like a very cool idea! i replied elsewhere about computing FOV for different cameras. i think you’ll have to overcome a number of challenges to make this work no matter how you approach it but i know other people have used a combination of techniques to achieve some results like this.

Here is an example of one of the first augmented reality things – Yelp Monocle – that has a number of similar properties.

how to create app for identify the place or buildings or area details in react native .if have any github source please send me or tell some lib