Questions about AWS Amplify integration!

Hello, long-time no see expo forum…ers.

First of all, I’d like to say how excited I am that the Expo team has decided to integrate support for AWS Amplify out of the box in the new v25.0.0.0 XDE! It’s so amazing that I feel like my two favorite open source tech producers have dropped golden eggs in our laps that we can do amazing things with.

Now, to the questions - they all relate to which situations that the Amplify integration will work without having to do a link action…

  1. Will Amplify work on a project that has Expo@25 installed regardless of how the original project has been created as long as the app is being run via the XDE interface(gui or command line)?
  • I suspect yes, as I tried with it with an app created using create-react-app and then later installing react-native, expo25, and Amplify. Just looking for clarification that it will work in other similar situations like CRNA.

1a) Edit: Also I should specify that I was not using Expo’s fork of React-Native, and I’m curious how that would affect things in the above and below situations.

  1. Will amplify work in the above conditions if the app is deployed to the Expo server? Assuming that it has not been ejected from expo.

  2. Will amplify work if the app has been ejected and using ExpoKit running in the XDE? Or will it need to then be linked?

  3. Will amplify work if the app has been ejected using ExpoKit and deployed to the Expo server? Linked or unlinked?

I could try all these things one at a time, but unfortunately I’m on a deadline and if anyone knows the answers to these questions, I would be greatly appreciative!

Hey @jacklinton,

Glad to have you back! As for your questions, I conferred with Brent who added the AWS Amplify support and he said the answer to every question is it will work regardless of what you’re doing with Expo as long as you’re on SDK25 or higher. None of the other variables have any impact.




Amazing, thank you so much! Great things are happening! I feel like the kid who gets everything he wanted for Christmas.

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