Question about getting sentry-expo sourcemaps working with EAS builds

On SDK 41 Managed, I’m trying to read through:

It says:

  • The configuration for build time sourcemaps comes from the ios/ and android/ files. For more information, refer to Sentry’s documentation. If you’re using the managed workflow, and EAS Build, then the configuration for build time sourcemaps comes from your app.json sentry-expo hook config.

Skipping or misconfiguring either of these will result in sourcemaps not working, and thus you won’t see proper stacktraces in your errors.

Either of what exactly? Not quite sure what it’s refering to.

The only thing I see “extra” is the plugins: [sentry-expo] line that was added in the app.json:

If I follow the steps 1 through 3, I should be good to go on EAS builds right?


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