Push notifications with serverless AWS

I would like to create an app with a push notification functionality. I wanted to use AWS as a backed, serverless architecture etc.

Scenario I got in mind goes somewhat like this: (let’s pretend it’s a game - board with square fields - like in checkers)

  1. phone1 - user clicks a field f1
  2. phone2, …, phone-n - each user sees that f1 was clicked and cannot click this filed - field becomes disabled.
  3. phone4 - clicks field f-12
  4. every other phone gets notified that field was clicked, and field becomes disabled on those devices

Hi @slawek, did you have a specific question you wanted answered?

Yes. Does anyone have any exp doing push notifications with expo + AWS. some code snippets would be very useful. link to docs as well.

Hey @slawek hows it going? This might be a stupid question on my part but have you had a look at this? https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/guides/push-notifications.html

If so, are you looking for more of a specific working example of push notifications? I’m assuming you are going to write your own push notification server. Is there anything that we are missing from the documentation above?

Hi. Have you guys found an example with AWS Push (Mobile Hub) and Expo?
All Our services are hosted on AWS and I don’t want to use the Expo Push API. Instead, I want to trigger the Push Notification on AWS Mobile Hub and use Expo to Display them. Is it possible?

To use a custom push notification service you need to get the raw device tokens (standalone apps only) and create a payload in a special format. The format is undocumented and is implied by the source code of the Expo client, however, so use this API at your own risk.