Push notifications and eject


I’m currently developing and app that has push notifications in it (developed with Expo Push notifications) but I wanna deploy it to the Apple AppStore. Seems some updates will happen in the next days because in their web can be seen that starting from April, all the uploads to the AppStore have to be done with XCode, so I’m forced to eject it as far as I understand.

So my question is, after reading the ExpoKit section in the documentation, what will happen if I eject my app with that push notification implementation?

The exact sentence is this one “You require Expo’s push notification services. After ejecting, since Expo no longer manages your push credentials, you’ll need to manage your own push notification pipeline.” but I don’t really understand what this means. Does this mean that I won’t be able to use the Expo Backend anymore?

Hi @bzaldua - I’m not sure I understand your issue.

If you’ve been developing an app with the Managed workflow (which it sounds like you are), Expo will create a native build for you to submit to the App or Play stores. Here’s where to start in the documentation to learn more about publishing and submitting.

And while it doesn’t sound like you need to eject, if for some reason you decide you need a native library or to use your own native code, we recommend at this point that you go straight to the Bare workflow, and we’ve released expo-notifications as a module that’s compatible with Bare.

Probably at this point you would appreciate some extra context:

Thanks @jess !!

I will try what you suggested! :smile: