Push notification on web: Unable to fix this error


I am integrating FCM for push notifications for web. I am able to send notifications through https://fcm.googleapis.com/fcm/send.
But, when the browser window receives the notification, an error is generated -

TypeError: _emitter is undefined



I have been unable to figure out this error. What could be the reason ?

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Sorry @sinisterjon- Expo doesn’t fully support Push Notifications in web, yet. Can you let me know where you saw something referencing it? If it’s in our docs, we should remove it

@charliecruzan Thanks for your response. I did not see in the docs. I followed FCM docs to get it working. And, my web browser does receive the notifications but breaks with the exception mentioned in my post. I am using react native and react native web with expo. Any ideas why the error is generated?

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