Push notification not work on my device


The Expo push notification service doesn’t work now.
It works before but I can’t get any notification now.
Is it working now?

would you share your code, ill check it and let you know

Thanks for your reply.

Can I put the image on push notification?
And can change the logo? Now, it shows expo logo

This is my code
var body = {
to: ‘’,
sound: ‘default’,
title: ‘’,
body: params.content.push
for(var i = 0;i<id_list.length;i++){
var result = await getPushToken(id_list[i])
body[‘to’] = result;
var options = {
‘method’: ‘POST’,
‘url’: ‘https://exp.host/--/api/v2/push/send’,
‘headers’: {
‘Accept’: ‘application/json’,
‘Content-Type’: ‘application/json’
body: JSON.stringify(body)
await request(options, function (error, response) {
//if (error)
// throw new Error(error);

Also when I put the title, it doesn’t send.

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