[Push Notification] [Android] Only appear in status bar, no pop up

The push notification on Android is not showing as a popup modal as other apps do. I have tested it for published Expo client app and standalone. It just play the sound and appear in the status bar.

How can we make the push notification pop out just like many messaging apps?

Hi @carsonwah - do you mean when the app is in the background? If so, you may need to detach in order to have more control over notifications. I don’t believe this is the suggested behavior for most apps on the Android platform.


I know there are some Android custom notification handler that can show a pop up even when app is closed, and I know I need to eject to use those.

Sorry that I did not provide a precise name of it. I mean “Heads-up notification” from Android.

I have tried setting priority to ‘high’ in notification and send to published expo client app, but it still doesn’t show head-up display (the app is opened in foreground).

Hi @carsonwah - have you tried setting the android.priority option when creating the local notification? See docs here: https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/sdk/notifications#localnotification

@esamelson It is a remote notification and I have set it to priority = high (in the request to expo).

I have not used any local notification but can try and test it later.

Hi @carsonwah. It looks like we don’t support setting the priority for push notifications. Definitely something that we can support, just hasn’t been built yet. Can you post a feature request at https://expo.canny.io/feature-requests?

Hi @jesse.

I saw priority in the doc. You mean this isn’t supported yet?

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