Publish Expo App Detached App not working...


I am using Testflight and I have a detached expo app. I have a beta build in testflight, but when I publish using XDE it publishes the new code / js bundle but my testflight build doesn’t use the new js bundle. I thought this code pushes the new js bundle so they don’t have to update the app? I have killed and re-installed the app with same results. Any ideas why publish isn’t working the way I expect?


Hey @darkwata,

Can you ensure the manifestUrl value matches the url you see after publishing via XDE? You can find it by going into the Supporting folder and opening EXShell.plist.



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@adamjnav Oh thank you its not! So do I change this to the publish URL and what do I have to do for Android?

EDIT: I changed expo account mid way through the project

Yeah, you could do that. The published url is based on your slug value and account name. I believe you can find the production url in for android.

Odd because my slug is correct… but my username in which I published changed.

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