Production builds fail on both iOS and Android

After successfully creating development builds for iOS and Android, I have been trying to create production builds and both are repeatedly failing with the same error “crypto.randomUUID is not a function”. I understand this method was introduced in Node 14. I’m using Node 15.4.0 and have specified this in my eas.json file for both production and development builds. My expo-updates package where the error is occurring is version 0.16.4.

I’m using SDK version 48.0.18

I’m really stumped, what other project settings should I be looking at here?

Hi @jbrandes

When you say you’ve successfully created development builds, do you mean using eas build --profile developemt? Or do you mean you ran them in the Expo Go app?

If the former, then the production app would normally build too.

Could you post the part of the build logs where you’re seeing the error?

Note: Node 15 is pretty old now. I think Node 16 is even a bit old, so you might want to upgrade to Node 18. But at least upgrade to version 16. But I’m not sure this is relevant to the error you’re getting, unless the error is happening on your own machine before the build actually starts on the build server. This is because the build servers by default run Node 16.18.1

Hey @wodin, yes I meant I built with eas build --profile development which succeeded and production eas build --profile production failed. Eventually I decided this was taking too much time and I gave up and upgraded to v49 of the Expo SDK (which also forced me to upgrade Node), so now I’m working through different build issues that I’m happy to struggle with a little more by myself.


Ah, weird.

Well, feel free to ask about the other issues here if you get stuck and hopefully someone will be able to help

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