Problem: Unhandled JS Exception: Unexpected token '..'

Hey all!

I have a problem when I was working on Expo Snack. My project was running on Android successfully but not on IOS.

I got an error:

Unhandled JS Exception: Unexpected token '..' Expected a property name.

Also, i dont see Error in Snack when i ran my project on IOS. But, on Android, i could see Error and logs in Snacks.

Thanks for help.

Can you share a link to the snack?

Of course.

There is a big problem than my thought. I could not open any projects on my iPhone and my friends’ iPhone.

The login screen is running fine on ios at least. Do you have a test account?

I’m sorry, I’m newbie on Snack Expo :slight_smile:

This project was running on Snack Web IOS Emulator but none of any projects are not running on my phone. How can i run them ?

By the way, what is the test account ?

Test account: something people can use to sign in to you app rather than having to go through your account creation

To run on your phone you’ll need to get the expo app from the app store and click the “run” button in snack. You can use an ID from your phone, an expo account, or scan a qr code with the iOS camera app to link the web page and your phone.

Thanks for answer.

I have installed Expo App on my iPhone before. Before i sent this message on this forum, I did everything what you say. Now, I can’t open any projects with my iPhone. Everytime, i got the same error which you can see topic.

My project is opened smoothly on Expo Snack Web Emulator.

What is the problem and what is the solution?

I can really only help with the solution side of things. What you sent runs for me, so unless the error is deeper in your snack and you can describe what steps I would need to take to see it (including whatever I would need to sign in), there isn’t much I can do.

Having the same issue with this snack.
Works on Android, and on the IOS web-based emulator that snacks provide.

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hi @berksafran @kriskate , we’ve seen this error with users that have old iOS versions (we’ve seen it in iOS 11.1.1 and below). Can you try updating your iOS version and seeing if your problem goes away?