Problem to generate IPA

I’m trying to generate the IPA and it gives me error

expo build:ios -c OR expo build:ios -e -c

/[12:25:27] Standalone build failed!

Error: validateProvisioningProfile: provisioning profile is not associated with uploaded distribution certificate
at _ensureDeveloperCertificateIsValid (/usr/local/turtle-js/node_modules/xdl/build/detach/IosCodeSigning.js:273:11)
at Object.validateProvisioningProfile (/usr/local/turtle-js/node_modules/xdl/build/detach/IosCodeSigning.js:265:3)
at Object. (/usr/local/turtle-js/node_modules/xdl/build/detach/IosIPABuilder.js:71:51)
at ()
at step (/usr/local/turtle-js/node_modules/xdl/build/detach/IosIPABuilder.js:52:191)
at /usr/local/turtle-js/node_modules/xdl/build/detach/IosIPABuilder.js:52:361

Please provide your distribution certificate P12:
Path to P12 file: xxxxx.p12
P12 password: xxxxxx
Please provide the path to your push notification cert P12
Path to P12 file: xxxxx.p12
Path to your .mobile provisioning Profile: adhoc_provisioning_profile.mobileprovision

Develop Provisioning

just to double check – is the provisioning profile associated with your team id the one that you are providing to exp?

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